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Airport Security Oversights

Airport Security Oversights
September 6, 2006

A Connecticut man was recently arrested for carrying a stick of dynamite in his checked luggage on a flight back from Brazil. Here are some other items that have passed through airport security recently:

July 24, Houston to New York: Unauthorized liquids, cleverly hidden within cell membranes of passenger
July 28, Portland, OR to Topeka, KS: 16 pounds of science textbooks
Aug. 15, Pittsburgh to Detroit: VHS tape of Nothing But Trouble, starring Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd
Aug. 19, Washington, DC to Darfur: Hope
Aug. 23, Bangkok, Thailand to Orlando, FL: Monkey's paw with one wish left
Aug. 29, São Paulo, Brazil to Hartford, CT: More mining equipment, including Komatsu PC400LC-7 deep excavator
Aug. 31, Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles: Russell Crowe
Sept. 3, London to New York: A few Muslim people may have slipped through with their dignity

(The Onion)

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