terça-feira, novembro 21, 2006

Against the Day

Se a Amazon não falhar, o meu exemplar de Against the Day chega amanhã. Depois, e durante uns tempos, este blog arriscar-se a ser um espaço obstinadamente monotemático.
Já agora, o excelente blog The Elegant Variation dedica o resto da semana ao "evento editorial do ano", com três dias seguidos de posts Pynchonianos . Vale a pena espreitar, que mais não seja para ler esta perturbante revelação de Carolyn Kellogg:

« (...) Oedipa first sees a drawing that looks like a muted trumpet. It may symbolize a secret mail system, which might imply many other things (then again, it might not). I had the symbol tattooed on my wrist. Some people recognize it. One day I was at Trader Joe's and the checkout guy asked me about it. "It's from a book," I said vaguely, not wanting to sound too smarty-pants. He asked about the book and I told him. "Yeah, I knew it," he said, smiling. I asked what he thought of The Crying of Lot 49, but he hadn't read it; I was the third person who'd come to his register that week with the same tattoo. Either I'm a member of a vast conspiracy (so secret that I'm unaware of it), or there are legions of Pynchon fans out there, all wearing our affiliation on our skin.»

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