sábado, dezembro 02, 2006

. . .forty feet above. . .

«'Fax's brother Cragmont had run away with a trapeze girl, then brought her back to New York to get married, the wedding being actually performed on trapezes, groom and best man, dressed in tails and silk opera hats held on with elastic, swinging upside down by their knees in perfect synchrony across the perilous aether to meet the bride and her father, a carnival "jointee" or concessionaire, in matched excursion from their own side of the ring, bridesmaids observed at every hand up twirling by their chins in billows of spangling, forty feet above the faces of the guests, feathers dyed a deep acid green sweeping and stirring the cigar smoke rising from the crowd.
Cragmont Vibe was but thirteen that circus summer he became a husband and began what would become, even for the day, an enormous family.»

(Thomas Pynchon, Against the Day)

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