quarta-feira, janeiro 31, 2007

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«A similar [game] is ACRONYMS, in which players take a word or phrase, and make an appropriate sentence from words beggining with its letters. Thus shovel could be described as 'sharp hand-operated vertical earth lifter', snail could be 'slimy nocturnal animal invading lettuces', and brain could be 'box retaining assorted interesting notions'. This game is a favourite theme for competitions in the New Statesman, from which are gathered these examples using the titles of films:

Just a white shark;
Space, time and relativity, with a ridiculous script;
This has everything: syrupy outbursts, uplifting nannies, dancing over flowery mountains, unctuous songs involving children;
Clichés harvest awards. Runners in old-time shorts. Oxford flummery. Flabby idealism. Rotten ending.

(The Oxford Guide to Word Games, p. 131)

O melhor que consegui foi este par de ruínas gramaticais:

Gangster's only options: dying fast; end living life as schnook.
Blocked artist rationalizes, then offends nutcase. Faulkner is naturally killed.

Aceitam-se sugestões dos cinéfilos de serviço. Pontos de bónus para quem fizer um em japonês (usando o sistema de romanização Hepburn) para um filme do Beat Takeshi.

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