quarta-feira, janeiro 17, 2007

Realidade plagia Dickens

« The novellist Ian McEwan has discovered that a bricklayer is the older brother he never knew he had (...) The revelation emerged that Rose McEwan, the novelist's mother, had given away Ian's older brother, Dave, at a railway station. (...) The lives of the two men have taken very different paths. Mr Sharp, 64, worked in the building industry in south-east England during the post-war years. His undiscovered brother went from private school to university before finding international acclaim with such novels as Atonement, and Enduring Love. For 20 years the brothers lived just 15 miles apart, Mr McEwan in Oxford's exclusive Park Town, and Mr Sharp in the Wallingford (...) »

- The Guardian

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major disse...

Li isto hoje e pareceu-me maravilhoso. Não é só Dickens que ali mora: é uma míriade de novelas de Borges.