sexta-feira, maio 25, 2007

Trabalhos de sopro

«Now, speaking of blowjobs, do you know why they call it a blowjob? So it'll sound like it has kind of a work ethic attached to it. Make you feel like you did something useful for the economy.
And as long as I'm being a complete pig up here, let me ask you guys a question. Let me ask one question of the men. Are you ever able to watch a woman eating a banana and not think about a blowjob? Huh? I can't do it and I know why: I'm a sick evil fuck. I accept that, but I can't do it. Eating a banana, eating a pickle, licking on an ice-cream cone. I'm saying to myself, look at the tongue on her. Wooowww. So you women be careful when you're standing in front of that Hägen Daz.
'Cause goddammit we're watching, and goddammit we're thinking.»

(George Carlin, Explicit Lyrics)

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tlpg disse...

Sim, «it takes one to know me».

Um abraço,

PS: o Carlin é o maior.