terça-feira, dezembro 04, 2007

Dona Chepa

«. . .Her grandfather won the Kentucky Derby - but Dona Chepa doesn't know that. She has left the starting gate 128 times and lost each time. This is believed to be a world thoroughbred record, breaking the mark of an Australian horse who was 0 for 124.
But Dona Chepa doesn't merely fail to win. "Solidly last" is how her exercise rider describes her typical performance.
"You know what to expect," said her trainer, Efrain Nieves, adding that he has never been disappointed by her.

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LB disse...

Eu adorei o nome Zippy Chippy :) Acho que dar o nome Zippy Chippy a um cavalo é, de certa forma, predestinar o bicho a uma vida de misérias. The starting line is:
#1 Fast Thunder, #2 Black Beauty, #3 Lightning Bolt, #4 Raven, #5King, #6... *hesitação*... Zippy Chippy...