sexta-feira, fevereiro 08, 2008

"Your browser is not supporting cookies"

Em resposta à repetida, caluniosa e incomprehensive insinuação, por parte da página da Salon, de que o meu browser não support cookies, queria emitir o seguinte comunicado:

«My browser does support cookies. My browser has always supported cookies. My browser was supporting cookies long before it was even fashionable to support cookies. My browser categorically denies any attempt to undermine the cookies, and derides those accusations as the callous political ploy they so cookie-obviously are. Although my browser may have some misgivings regarding the current cookie deployment strategy, particularly the "cookie-surge", it also understands that cookies are a brave bunch, going where they're told to go, doing their cookie-like things wherever they're told to do their cookie-like things. Cookies play a vital role in sustaining our shiny and delightful cookie freedom. My browser's record shows a consistent resolve to stand by the cookie coalition and support the cookie effort. My browser's vocal moral commitment to cookies will continue, regardless of these shameful attempts at playing politics with our cookies»

Espero que isto resolva o assunto de uma vez por todas.

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