sábado, outubro 21, 2006

O Blog de Coleridge (III)

«To read Dryden, Pope & co, you need only count syllables; but to read Donne you must measure Time, & discover the Time of Each word by the Sense and Passion. - I would ask no surer Test of a Scotch-man's Substratum (for the Turf-cover of Pretension they all have) than to make him read Donne's Satires aloud. If he made many Metre of them, & yet strict metre, -then- why, then he wasn't a Scotchman, or his Soul was geographically slandered by his Body's appearing there.-»

(Nota escrita pelo mestre da divagação gratuita, na margem de uma antologia de poemas de John Donne. "his Soul was geographically slandered", já agora, é o que eu quero na minha lápide...)

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