sábado, outubro 21, 2006

A vida corre-me mal por isto, e isto, e isto...

«A lover's task is what Peter meant: something he could do to demonstrate to Katherine that he loves her like life and language themselves despite mosquitoes, heat, humidity, her parents' trying unsuccessfully not to be a bother, precious little sex since Kath's on the cusp, no tennis but brutal with macho male Sherritts all save Andy the youngest of whom blow him off the family court in straight sets, every day less swimming in Sherritt Cove, less windsurfing and waterskiing out in Goldsborough Creek, because on each new tide the sea nettles move a bit farther in like a billion old condoms with their miserable sting and beautiful name, Chrysaora quinquecirrha, which means five-filamented gold-edge but ought to mean God's five-month curse upon the Talbot County Gold Coast, no respite from Kathy's old prep-school and college chums, family friends, and fellow ASPS (American Society for the Preservation of Storytelling), swarming like sheepflies on Nopoint Point, including her onetime (one time) lesbian lover, a black-belt balladeer and sometime pain in our marital tush, though Kathy won't hear May Jump spoken ill of except by Peter in extremis. And more.»

(Oferece-se agora uma tablete de Cadbury's Dairy Milk [o Lindt & Sprüngli escasseia e tenho, como a formiguinha da fábula, um longo Inverno à minha frente] ao primeiro leitor a identificar correctamente o fragmento, sem recorrer à batota do google. Tablete adicional para quem conseguir detectar a pequena alteração ao texto original, maliciosamente introduzida pelo transcritor, que é danado para a brincadeira e está a ter grandes dificuldades nisto do "adormecer".)

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