segunda-feira, novembro 27, 2006

Il Postino's evil twin

(no original)

― Why is it that you are always being sent these parcels, and bubble wrapped books, and magazine subscriptions, and antiques catalogues, and never seem to get anything with your name handwritten on it?
― I'm sorry, why did you ring the bell? Do you need a signature?
― I'm just curious.
― I get personal letters.
― I never see any.
― Well, it's mostly e-mails these days. Plus, I get phone calls.
― And you still have those dark circles under your eyes.
― I'm afraid your invasiveness, which was once charming, is gradually becoming unacceptable.
― That book I told you about isn't working?
― Books rarely do.
― I always sleep like a baby.
― There are babies all over the building. They're one of the reasons why I can't sleep.
― It sounds as if you resent them.
― I have nothing against the future.
― Well, that's easy to say, and many have said it.
― Can you hear that? That's my laptop telling me I've got mail. You are a dying breed.
― It sounds an awful lot like a microwave.
― They're the same brand. Have a nice day.

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m. a. disse...

que delícia.