sexta-feira, abril 13, 2007

The inanities that I go sowing

O Tradução Simultânea faz hoje anos. O que me parece um motivo tão bom como qualquer outro para traduzir um post do Tradução Simultânea com o auxílio do Babelfish:

Seems that much people who for have passed here would like to have commented the inanities that I go sowing. It happens that when making they had beaten it with the nose in the door, because this blog was formatted for ' members only ' or thing that is valid it. However even so I am partial to this concept, if April the commentaries does not make sensible to be here to say lonely. The situation already was attenuated. Therefore, feel free. The house is yours.»

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major disse...

Gosto sobretudo do maravilhoso 'or thing that is valid it'. Obrigado, Rogério.