sexta-feira, agosto 24, 2007

Aprés la sieste

«One morning at half-past six, before Enfantin was out of bed, he was visited by a man named d’Eichtal, a member of the brotherhood and also a Jew. D'Eichtal was in a state of extreme exaltation; he had been to communion at Notre Dame the night before and there it had been suddenly revealed to him that "Jesus lives in Enfantin" and that Enfantin was one of a holy couple, the Son and Daughter of God, who were to convey a new gospel to humanity. Enfantin was at first cautious: until the appearance of the female Messiah, he told d’Eichtal, he could not name himself nor could he be named, and in the meantime he begged his apostle to let him go back to sleep.»

(Edmund Wilson, To the Finland Station)

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