quinta-feira, julho 05, 2007

Leitura tristemente recomendada

If bombastic film director James Cameron is on the lookout for a new grand project, having already trawled the ocean depths for sea monsters and questioned the theological basis of Christianity, he may want to take on an even bigger mystery - how Argentinean striker Maxi López ever managed to become a professional footballer.
At the start of the second half, Manzano decided to take firm action - but then changed his mind and opted to throw Maxi López on after Arango had grabbed an equaliser. To wolf-whistles and shouts of "Hey, gorgeous", Maxi trotted onto the pitch in the fifty-eighth minute and did the following. 62' - shot wide. 67' - hit in testicles with ball. 68' - aimless run. 83' - argument with linesman. 84' - ran into the back of Peter Luccin. All this while his team-mates time-wasted and kicked Atletico in the air to secure the 1-1 draw.

(Tim Stannard, 02/04/2007, Football365.com)

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9-9 disse...

Espero que o Tim Stannard perceba mesmo de futebol e que o Maxi Lopez vá mesmo para o Sporting. Se bem que o lugar ideal para ele era no Benfica ao lado do Nuno Gomes.

Anónimo disse...

Agora parecias um lampiao. Ve se atinas. Nao gostas do argentino escreve tu qualquer coisa sobre o rapaz. Assim da ideia que o viste jogar um par de vezes. Ate escreveste um texto fixe sobre o Romagnoli. Esta prosa podia ter sido escrita pelo Humberto Coelho soubesse ele escrever em ingles. Se vier e um optimo complemento para o Liedson.

Diogo Xavier sem acentos

"Rogério Casanova" disse...

O Liedson nesta altura já deve andar a anti-depressivos.