domingo, dezembro 23, 2007

Seis euros e meio

«Miss Obrestad's route to the grand prize - dumped on the final table in bundles of $50 notes, as in the World Series tradition - required her to see off such modern-day poker luminaries as Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, a hirsute scholar of game theory, Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott, a somewhat less cerebral but wily British professional who wears diamond-encrusted knuckle-dusters, and Phil "Poker Brat" Hellmuth, arguably the most celebrated (not least by himself) modern player.»

("Poker: A big deal")

«The captive panda breeding programme has undergone a remarkable transformation. Long-held beliefs about the animal's reproductive capacities have been shattered. No longer are desperate keepers feeding Viagra to underperforming males (that didn't work anyway). Researchers have given up ideas of cloning them. Good old-fashioned sex is now doing the trick. . .»

("The sex life of the panda: Black and white and red all over")

«There are prayer books in everyday vernacular or even street slang ("And even though I walk through/the Hood of death/ I don't back down/ 'coz you have my back"). Or consider innovation. In 2003 Thomas Nelson dreamt up the idea of Bible-zines - crosses between Bibles and teenage magazines. The pioneer was Revolve, which intercuts the New Testament with beauty tips and relationship advice ("are you dating a Godly guy?"). (. . .) There are toddler-friendly versions of the most famous Bible stories. The Boy's Bible promises "gross and gory Bible stuff". God's Little Princess Devotional Bible is pink and sparkly.»

("The Bible v the Koran: the battle of the books")

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