quarta-feira, julho 09, 2008

Bovine TB Partnership Group

«Yesterday provided intriguing material for an examination of class in Britain today. The environment secretary, Hilary Benn, announced that after long thought he had decided not to permit the culling of badgers to stop the spread of TB among cattle. He said there was not enough evidence that it worked, and that a cull might make matters worse.
As always with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, there was bags of new jargon to entertain us. Benn talked about the "testing and slaughter of reactors", and "randomised culling". Everyone seemed to know exactly what he meant.
And, as always in the Brown government, no matter how long a problem has been around it is never too late to set up a quango. This will be the Bovine TB Partnership Group, which sounds like an organisation lonely cows join to find new friends.
But the Commons divided almost entirely along party lines: Labour MPs were pro-badger; Tories were all for slaughtering the lot and turning them into shaving brushes.

(Da coluna de Simon Hoggart, que continua a produzir o espaço tipográfico mais cómico da imprensa europeia, apesar da feroz concorrência de Rui Miguel Tovar.)

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Ibidem disse...

This is wonderful, you're back!

Anónimo disse...

It's alive!! It's alihahahaveee!!
*sons de trovoada*

Lourenço Bray disse...

Será que posso usar o nome Bovine TB Partnership Group para uma banda?

Lourenço Bray disse...

Arcade Fire
The Strokes
Bovine TB Partnership Group
Magnetic Fields