sexta-feira, fevereiro 06, 2009

"I Will Destroy Luxembourg and Join Arsenal Says Bugduv"

Fortíssima candidata a melhor história do ano: a biografia da lenda moldava Masal Bugduv, explicada aqui pela Slate, com a condescendência que se impunha.

«Whoever engineered the prank left behind a calling card in the form of the fictional Moldovan newspaper Diario Mo Thon, described in one of the concocted AP stories as "the top sports daily in Balti." Diario means diary in several Romance languages, and mo thón is Irish for my ass—just the kind of nested, polyglot ass pun that every good imaginary-Moldovan prank requires.
It got better. After SoccerLens blogger McDonnell broke the story, Bugduv fans in Ireland noticed that the player's name was a phonetic twin for m'asal beag dubh, which is Irish for "my little black donkey." A second Irish ass pun, sure. But "My Little Black Donkey" is also the name of an Irish-language short story by early 20th-century writer Pádraic Ó Conaire about a man tricked into overpaying for a lazy donkey based on some vivid village gossip.»

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Nuno Miguel Guedes disse...

A realidade raras vezes é tão boa. Grande história.