quinta-feira, maio 03, 2007

Para Averiguar o Seu Grau de Liberalismo

Cheguei, através deste post n' O Insurgente, ao teste do European Political Ideologies. Sem grandes surpresas, os meus resultados foram os seguintes:

You are a social psychedelic anarcho bubblicious libertarian badass supercalifragilisticexpialidocious chocolate covered liberal.
You think that freedom both rocks and rules. You adhere to old-fashioned beliefs about the sanctity of mayonnaise. You're hip, but you don't hop. You have a disproportionately large index finger, and you often use it to point out other people's egregious mistakes. You become restless when someone whispers "equality of income", and your trembling fingers reach for your betting slips in a blind panic. You believe the State should be soft, creamy and delightful. You trust the people. You do, you really do. (Except people from Liverpool, who you believe were spawned by the Devil). You are turned on by women with ridiculously long eyelashes, and also by the private sector. You look at the private sector and your knees turn to jelly; you will love it long time. You hold that the best way of organizing economic activity is to abolish a little something here and there, and maybe tax something else, just a tiny, puckish, charming little tax. You look at taxes sideways, as if they were a benign-looking congregation of crocodiles in a Kenyan safari park, but you are fascinated by them. And you love strawberries, have we mentioned the strawberries? You also believe in free markets. You have seen them: they are definitely free and undoubtedly markets. And they're all over the place; you would have to be quite mad not to believe them. You feel that social responsibility is a very good thing. You feel the breeze in your hair. You enjoy it. You think that all individual human behaviour should be regulated by an arbitrary system of numbered balls. That goes without saying. You think that smokers should smoke, coughers should cough, doctors should use euphemisms and gravediggers should dig oh so very slowly. You think that 'yellow' is an evil colour. Your views on personal morality vary according to the number of drinks the blond girl across the table is prepared to ingest. You strongly oppose receding hairlines and are willing to take radical action to combat them.
You see checks and balances as the cornerstone of democracy. You move a little to the Left and a little to the Right. You jump up and down and you shake it all around.
You are too sexy for your shirt.

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tlpg disse...


Um abraço,

major disse...

Meu bom amigo,
mais um post destes e eu fecho a minha loja. Para além de revelar ao mundo o que está por trás do anagrama!

*e com sorte o Liverpool, maçador mas pertinente ainda ganha a coisa. Sendo que começo a perceber-te: apostei no Higgins em backup bet para ganhar o snooker world champ. A vida é muito dificil.

R. Casanova disse...

Pois, agora é abraços. Não percebo peva de snooker, como é evidente. Mas gostava de saber quem é que me reembolsa o seguinte talão da William Hill: «01/05/2007. World Snooker Championships Final: O'Sullivan v. Carter. £10 @ 12/1.»
Vão da minha parte, dizia ele. O post já nem sequer lá está. Andam a brincar com quem trabalha.

(Nuno, se o Liverpool "ganha a coisa" este blogue não acaba. Mas morre um bocadinho por dentro, e nem sequer vai de férias. Vai ficar em casa - como o seu rosto de tartaruga anémica - a pensar no desconcerto do mundo.)

tlpg disse...

Caro Rogério, no que toca à origem do mundo, há teorias, mas são teorias. No que toca à origem do homem, há teorias, mas são teorias. No que toca à origem da tua aposta, há teorias, mas, sabes, são teorias. Estou tão surpreendido quanto tu, é tudo o que posso dizer.

M.M. disse...

Excelente. :-)

文章 disse...